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    Sun, November 28, 2004 - 2:14 PM
    But Michael, I hate bras myself and favor clothing that doesn't require a bra, but what about sagging? That's my personal terror. Bra-free == sagging tits, are we all okay with that?
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      Tue, January 18, 2005 - 1:03 PM

      Sorry, but bras might just make your breasts sag more.

      You have ligaments in your breasts. They are designed to hold your breasts up. If you wear a bra for years—or, worse yet, wear a bra 24 hours a day for years—these ligaments will atrophy (get weaker and smaller).

      The good news: If you stop wearing a bra these ligaments should get stronger and you should find your breasts perkier within about about three months.

      Even if you have huge breasts...

      Even if you have huge breasts, you should see significant improvement.

      But, you say, someone told you that breasts don't have ligaments. Not so.

      Searching medical literature, there is absolutely nothing that shows bras prevent sagging. Also, I have never seen a manufacturer cite any health benefit from wearing bras.

      If you stop wearing a bra, depending on your size, you may have temporary breast pain due to ligament atrophy.

      Some women who throw their bras away find that they have increased breast pain for a few days. This is most common among women with larger breasts. Give your breasts more time to adjust to being bra free.

      Bottom line: Breasts need to move. Movement is an integral part of Breast Health. Toxins are carried out of the breasts by the lymphatic system. Breasts are loaded with lymphatic tissue. The lymphatic system doesn't have a "pump" like the heart. Movement and massage help move toxins along the lymphatic system.

      Anything that slows down the clearing of these toxins will increase an individual’s risk of developing symptoms and/or disease.

      Bras which restrict movement of the breasts appear to increase congestion in the breasts, and slow down clearance of toxins. This will increase the rate that women develop breast diseases. Why? Because the toxins remain concentrated in otherwise healthy tissue for much longer.

      I'm convinced that the longer women wear tight restrictive garments, the faster the damage will progress.

      So go bra free. Let your breasts move and jiggle. Let your breasts detoxify themselves more freely.

      Remember, going bra free will NOT cause your Breasts to Sag!

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      Mon, December 5, 2005 - 5:43 PM
      There are absolutely no studies that show bras prevent sagging. As a matter of fact, there is way more evidence that shows they actually increase sagging, ick.

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